KitchenAid Cookware and Knives

Imagine restaurant grade cookware and cutlery with the KitchenAid brand and attention to quality. It's available now. KichenAid's line of 5-ply Hi-Density Hard Anodized Non-stick cookware is very impressive. We are particularly fond of the handle design. The handles are individually cast and are triple-riveted to the body of the pans. When it comes to cooking, the design comes through with flying colors. It retains heat very well (many non-stick designs simply don't get hot enough) and release is excellent. The folks at KitchenAid did their homework (as usual) and it was worth the wait. Highly recommended.

KitchenAid's Epicurean series of chef's knives will take on any challengers from here and abroad. Once again, KitchenAid took the time to research, test and design excellent tools. The knives are perfectly balanced for accurate cutting. The high carbon stainless steel blades are drop-forged and hardened. The composite handles are bonded to the full tang with 3 rivets. The cutting edges remain sharper longer thanks to a special polishing process that creates microscopic teeth. Simply beautiful to behold and to use. The KitchenAid reputation for quality and durability lives on. Highly recommended.

Kitchenaid Food Processor 4KFPM

We raved about this some time ago and still think it is the best performing, best capacity, easy of use, stylish, workhorse of a processor on the market, which happens to have a really convenient extra wide mouth of feed sleeve. It does it all, it is powerful, fast, and is a baker’s apprentice. You can go one step bigger with the pro-line but that is too big for most home kitchens or a step under in their traditional food processor line but this one is a scone making, cake whipping wonder. Do make sure the model number is correct if ordering online as it is different in Canada than in the U.S.

Flour Power! A Range of Mixers from Kitchenaid

KP26M1X and more…….

Why do you need a 14 cup of flour mixer? Are you serious?  More power, more capacity, arf arf. If you are a big bread baker, the 14 cup models are the way to go. If you are a bread and cake (i.e. all purpose baker), then either of their Professional Series 12 cup models is fine (and depends too, on which finish mixer you want – choices, choices). If you are a bread machine dough maker/baker, then you can go with a 5 quart classic mixer in either the raise-the-bowl model or tilt-back head. We like both and in this mixer, it really does come down to aesthetics, which mechanics of bowl height you prefer, and finishes. This size is perfect for cakes, cookies and pastries as well as modest yeasted things (breads, yeasted sweet goods) and leaves the bread machine to a lot of your yeast work, giving you a just-right sized mixer for a broad spectrum of baking.

All KA mixers have different specs and overlapping attributes – it boils down to which ones serve you best (and capacity of bowl). We have tested pretty well each new mixer on the market recently and there is still no contest in performance, design, look, durability, company back up and sheer delight in using an authentic Kitchenaid mixer.