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Best Bets In Pie Pans

Some free advice on best pie pans.

There are so many approaches to pie pans and most are  widely available in department stores and online. Pyrex is everywhere, Martha Stewart at Kmart has some nifty pie pans, and there are the usual restaurant grade aluminum (perfect if you need a specific size). You can also opt for a deep quiche or tart pan, with fluted sides and removable bottom section if you are making a more European looking pie or need a slicker presentation.

I am not a fan of non-stick pie tins  - they darken pie bottoms too quick and cutting into one, makes for easy removal of a slice of pie but invariably scratches the nonstick bakeware surface.

You can also check out local restaurant suppliers - they have serviceable aluminum pie pans, for great prices, in every size possible. 

I bake all pies in a hot oven but put them, regardless of pie pan type, on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. It stops burning of the bottoms as the top or interior of the pie bakes and also is a safety net for spill overs.

Here are some of my favorites in pie  pans:

Graniteware Pie Pans
I adore graniteware pie tins. These are available in camping gear shops, hardware stores, or at flea market sales sometimes. They are those enamel on tin, speckly pie tins. Often they are white speckles on dark blue, like turkey roasting pans. You can also find them at :

 Cumberland General Store

Lehman’s Non Electric Supply
(and don’t forget to check out Lehman’s online magazine, Countrylife.net. You will find a familiar byline there)

All Clad Bakeware
This bakeware is fabulous, state of the art – gorgeous to look at, high performing, and easy to maintain. The pie pan is one of the best, bar none. Alas- you will have to check out Ebay. The line seems discontinued.

Famous, patented aluminum bake ware with an old-fashioned feel.
Featured in People Magazine, this is a great and hand pie tin that offers particularly good browning.

Emile Henry
Fabulous and gorgeous, fluted ceramic pie tins. I have a whole collection I would not part with. Bakes great pies, pot pies, and quiches, and also superb as serviceware.

Chantal Cookware

As with Emile Henry, this company offers some lovely ceramic pie bakers.
They have a particularly riveting heart baker.

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