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(c) A Marcy Goldman, BetterBaking.Com Original Recipe

Pizza on the Grill Techniques and Tips

Want to grill a pizza? Fire up your grill, or as we do in the BB Test Kitchen, the Primo Grill (, load up on wood, charcoal (or gas grill is fine) and come hungry. Pizza on the outdoor BBQ is a natural but our tips and recipes will make sure you get rustic, crusty pizza and not charred gee, it could have been so much better, pizza and a big sigh.

Pizza On The Grill - Something To Get Fired Up About
Check out our test grill at www.PrimoGrill.Com

The BB test kitchens got involved in baking outdoors one crazy hot summer when our first Weber grill arrived. The grill did terrific things for bread, and it truly excelled with pizza. The style of pizza a grill produces will depend on the grill design and on the recipe. The high heat of the grill is perfect to give (relatively lean) pizza dough a good, quick bake.  My favorite fuel approach is to create a base of charcoal and briquette ‘salad’ so to speak, topped with big chunks of hardwood, and chips of maple wood. Once it is all at a medium high blaze, we bank the fire a bit to each side and begin grilling.

More often than not, we prepare dough in the bread machine, and we have a few batches reserved in the refrigerator (packed in lightly oiled, zip-type bags). If you have toppings prepped (or purchase pre-grated cheese and vegetables, meats, etc.), pizza can be prepared in less than 30 minutes (as it were). 

Preheat your grill to medium-high (400 F. to 450 F.). You can set up pizzas in cast iron pans and place these directly on the grill. If you use conventional pizza pans, place the pan on the grill, and once the pizza has baked for a few minutes, you may slide it off and finish it directly on the grill (on "low"). If you're using a pizza stone, you may set up your pizza on a piece of parchment, and start baking it on the paper (the edges of the paper may scorch, but that's OK). Once the pizza is "set" remove the paper and finish baking directly on the stone.

With practice, you will identify your grill's "sweet spot" for baking. Initial efforts will require a lot of lifting and checking, and you may scorch a piece here and there, but once you learn the ropes, you'll be hooked.

Our best advice is to have a few aluminum pans around. We double these up and line the top one with oiled parchment paper founds. We grill on the doubled up pizza pans, and once the pizza is almost all done, it is slid off the parchment paper and gets a 20 second finish directly over the fire.

For parties, we pre-bake (lightly grill) a ton of pizza rounds. Then they are garnished and re-grilled before serving.

Pizza Combo Suggestions

All of our pizza doughs can be dressed with any of these combinations or your own personal preferences.

We recommend our Neo Classic Pizza Dough, Ready-When-You-Are Pizza dough as good traditional pizza bottoms but any recipe for dough will be fine.

No one says pizza has to be hot and dressed in tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. You can serve pizza cold, in small squares, in miniature rounds as an appetizer, as an individual first course, or in the traditional rectangular Italian shape. Sauce is optional. You may lightly brush the bottom with olive oil then garnish with preferred toppings. Here are some favorite combinations.

Pizza Blanca:
Crushed garlic and olive oil
Béchamel sauce - homemade or packaged
Mix of colby and Swiss cheeses
Dusting of parmesan or asiago cheese

Spinach pizza:
Crushed garlic and olive oil
Marinara sauce
Drained, cooked, chopped spinach
Crumbled feta cheese
Swiss cheese and onion
Garlic and olive oil
Touch of Dijon mustard
Sautéed onions (lots)
Gruyere and raclette cheese
Black pepper
Sprinkle of caraway seeds

Canadiana Smoke Salmon Brunch Pizza:
Cream Cheese
Lox Strips
Fresh dill
Black pepper

The Californian:
Canadian chevre cheese
Strips of roasted red pepper
Sun dried tomatoes, chopped
Fresh herbs
Sliced calamata olives

© This is a Marcy Goldman/ original recipe
This recipe is for sole, personal use of visitors of BetterBaking.Com Online Magazine. Marcy Goldman/ recipes are for your enjoyment but not to be posted or reprinted without express permission of the author/baker. Thank you kindly for respecting my copyright and happy baking. BetterBaking.Com, established 1997.
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