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Hot Sauces - not all are equal!

Think all hot sauce is the same? Think again.

There are tons and most boast of incredible 'heat'. Yeah yeah yeah - heat is fine but flavor is finer. We use a lot of hot sauce in our BB test kitchens and no matter how many we test and try, we always come back to a brand called Red Devil by Trappeys. This is hot enough but it is zippy, zesty, salty, vinegary  - adding an unbelievable taste to everything you make with it. Try our Buffalo Girl Chicken using Red Devil, or our classic Bufflalo Wings or Bomba Sauce. We never serve a BB Test Kitchen pizza without a last minute finishing 'drizzle' of Red Devil hot sauce. It is also used in egg batters (for onion rings), oven roasted potatoes, and omelettes. The more you appreciate you can have flavor in a hot sauce without tongue-numbing heat, the more you will find yourself a hot sauce convert. Red Devil is part of the B&G food line (which also makes Wright's Liquid smoke which figures in many of our recipes).
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