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(c) A Marcy Goldman, BetterBaking.Com Original Recipe

New Zealand Cinnamon Toast Bread

Call this Act 2 of Cinnamon Toast Bread. The original Cinnamon Toast Bread has cinnamon IN the dough and called for a ton of toasted walnuts. We tested it a few ways and in the end, left out the walnuts. Our New Zealand tester, Leone Lamb, got a test version that called for NO cinnamon in the dough, toasted walnuts and the sugar/cinnamon topping. (Give Leone a bread to test and you hear from her but two hours later, singing bread kudos from 17 hours, and several time zones away). She raved. That was good news. So, we made it her way in our second test. Wow! Great bread again. This is not a variation; this is a new recipe. It has less yeast than some of my breads so be patient. It is a slower rise but the bread is very tender, and moist – light but not feathery – more delicate. We are sorry - this marvellous recipe is now in the new cookbook, upcoming in late 2006 or early 2007. Thank you for your understanding. We suggest Cinnamon Swirl Bread while you wait.


© This is a Marcy Goldman/ original recipe
This recipe is for sole, personal use of visitors of BetterBaking.Com Online Magazine. Marcy Goldman/ recipes are for your enjoyment but not to be posted or reprinted without express permission of the author/baker. Thank you kindly for respecting my copyright and happy baking. BetterBaking.Com, established 1997.
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