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New recipes are created as the test kitchen permits and as time goes on, we will have a repertoire of fine recipes using this amazing flour. Enjoy the focaccio, rustic pizza dough, pizza blanca as starters. Ciao!

BB Test Kitchen uses the finest Molini Pizzuti Flour, directly imported from Italy by www.Auroraimporting.com.

Soon, you will be able to order this flour which makes the best bistro style pizzas and more, to come out of your home oven!
To contact Molini Pizzuti directly for information email info@molinipizzuti.it
Enjoy BB’s Free "OO” Flour Recipes In Our Recipe Archives, such as
Molini Pizzuti “oo’ Flour Rustic Pizza Dough or Molini Pizzuti 00 Flour Fresh Garlic and Herb Hearth-Style Focaccio.

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