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(c) A Marcy Goldman,BetterBaking.Com Original Recipe


The best of 2007......Full Spectrum Light, and Philips Portable DVD
Gifts of the Year

Mother’s Day Gift Round Up May 2007
Full Spectrum Lighting Solutions, Philips, Pro Age from Dove, and More!

As always, May is the time of year we are on the look-out for special things for mom’s  - present company included but neat gifts anyone would enjoy. This year is no different and we are pleased to share some exceptional products.
We voted Full Spectrum Solutions Lights, as well as the Philips DVD our choices for Best Mother's Day Gifts 2007. Read on!

Mother’s Day Gift of the Year !!!!
Philips Ultimate PET1002
DVD 10.2 Inch DVD Player

Ok – this deserves to be the Gift of the Year for anyone, mother or not. Why do we love this DVD player and why do you need one? Let us count the ways.
First of all, we tried some 7 different DVD players in all the leading brands and all sizes. Firstly, the 8 and 7 inch screens are not cute and small as an Ipod but not big enough to easily see the movie you are watching. You need at least a 9 or better yet, 10.2 inch screen. It is the absolutely perfect size. It also points you towards very few models. Why Philips? They are, unbeknownst to many but true, the leaders in portable, DVD players – not Sony nor Toshiba, nor Panasonic or even LG – but Philips. The unit comes with a travel bag to tote the DVD on planes, in cars and trains or simply into the kitchen to watch Sleepless in Seattle while making the risotto or You Tube cooking and baking podcasts. The resolution is remarkable; the full stereo speaker sound is incredible. It also comes with a recharge battery in case you need to recharge after the full 5 hours of viewing capacity is done. Or you can simply plug it into your car cigarette outlet. You can use this mini DVD as a remote DVD and watch, via this unit, on your computer screen or regular TV and you can also watch but listen with a headset in case you want to catch Sense and Sensibility and someone else needs to watch CNN. You can also take your Itunes, burn them onto a DVD or CD and use your Philips DVD portable in the kitchen or den or living room and enjoy your Itunes (sans Ipod) anywhere you like. Or watch home videos or check out your digital photo collection on the screen. It is amazingly versatile but far less complicated than any other electronics doing the same thing.

It is just so: direct and instant – like turning on a switch. If you perceive of yourself as not technical and fear electronics but love movies – this is just the item for you. Anyone can figure this out – which is what I like best about this personal electronics gift. Unlike even a regular, full sized DVD player with TV screen, this is all-in-one, compact and easy to operate and instant. You pop a DVD in, you press play or stop or rewind or pause – and in seconds, you are watching your show. All the buttons are not only clearly visible; they make perfect sense. You can study the manual or not – and you would still figure this out pretty quick. The Philips unit is simply uncomplicated and high performance as anything new or old in the electronics market. Add to that – it gives you hours of enjoyment of movies anywhere, anytime, and all viewable on a small but uniquely majestic screen, this is the perfect gift –to yourself or to anyone. It can do anything or do one thing – perfectly and without any sort of fuss or programming or channel maneuvering. Contact Philips or, try Costco stores in Canada and the US. By Christmas 2007, chances are – this will be sold-out everywhere so get one now!

Dove Pro Age Line
Have you seen the Dove commercials? Who can resist the new line of Pro Age goodies? If you have somehow missed it, Dove ( is the genius company that came out a few years ago now, with its ‘real women’ commercials showing imperfect, perfect women of all ages, touting Dove products. Their newest line, Pro Age, is for women over 40 (we presume) and is an entire collection of products that have women-of-a-certain aged, covered, as it were, from head to toe.

Pro Age is about celebrating beauty at any age, a nice concept that represents a really nice line of products. Pro Age comes in body wash, body lotion, hair products, face cream, eye cream, shampoo, and hand lotion. Everything performs well (cleans, or smoothes or moisturizes, revitalizes) in a no-nonsense sort of way and at an affordable price. What I liked about Pro Age was the concept behind it, the research it is founded on (real women, designing products for real women), and the pure quality of the products, as well as the broad variety. There is nothing missing in this line up. The hand cream was exceptional (as was the regular Dove hand cream for that matter) and their hair spray is about the best hair spray you will find (it is light, keeps your ‘do’ in place, and is not sticky or stiff – and it is light in fragrance).  The other hair products: shampoo, conditioner, mousse are also great and subtle in fragrance. The Dove Pro Age soap is the most lavish, sudsy soap you will ever find – it is pure luxury.

The Pro Age line seems mindfully developed for ‘pro-age’ women and boosts a host of skin and hair healthy ingredients such as glycerin, olive oil, alpha hydroxyl acid – all geared to smooth, soften, and rejuvenate the skin and hair. There is something in this line for anyone (you don’t have to be any age actually), representing a great mix and match system or if you opt, a full skin and hair care regime at an affordable price by a company that ‘gets’ that women are beautiful – in all shapes, sizes and ages.
The Original Magickal Perfumerie…again. We heartily endorse this company and are at it again for their scents and potions are clearly remarkable. This time, they created a wholly mystic, feminine perfume oil appropriately called Spring Equinox 2007. It is like inhaling a fresh cut bouquet of wildflowers on a backdrop of freshly cut grass. It has notes both floral and cool as cucumber and refreshing ice-berg lettuce but with the sweetness of blossoms and buds. To be most specific, however, it has (get ready) Lily of the Valley, Waterlily, Freesia, Hyacinth, Muget, Sweet Pea, Lilac, Lotus and Iris. This is pure goddess stuff. We also tried out Sugared Cream, a vanilla based symphony, Forevermore (quite green and fresh) , Nectar du Printemps (decidedly Lilac and Lily of the Valley) and the exotic (and lucky) Good Fortune Potion. If you don’t want to smell like everyone else, have a lasting perfume (oils last longer) and float in a scented cloud of magic, you should run, not walk, (or click over to)

Once Style magazine discovers them and/or some starlet endorses them, there’s no telling how long you will have to wait to experience any one of countless scents. Betrothal is still one of my favorites.

Light That Makes Life Better is how Full Spectrum Solutions bills itself and with excellent reason. This impressive and dedicated company created HD (High Definition) lighting units with dual missions of specialty lighting to offset seasonal blues some people experience as well as offer lighting that simply enables you to see(!) what you are doing. It sounds simple but how many lamps do you have that are ambient and pretty but are hardly effective reading, computer, or home office desk lamps? This company offers a full range of desk, task, and floor lamps that deliver the best possible lamp units that offer incredibly natural but high intensity lighting for reading, desk work, or for use on a piano as a piano light. If you are always straining to see things the Blue Max lamps, the trademark light of this company is unlike any other. It bathes a huge area in a natural sunlight, doesn’t give off undue heat, saves energy, and reduces eye strain and can be used at full setting or any point on its dimming switch. The real test is when we put this light alongside a florescent, traditional office desk lamp with a three way wattage bulb. The regular lamp was almost like working in the dark while the Blue Max was like a glow of clear sunlight light up a huge area, without being harsh. If you are thinking ‘green’ – this is also the light to turn to. The Blue Light has been found to actually improve your vision and offers a lifetime warranty.

Lighting is always a great gift and if you are not getting a Blue Max, we suggest a halogen, brass desk or task light that are now in vogue. Affordable Lighting has about the best prices and best range of these trendy lamps on the Internet; they are also remarkably responsive folks if you are seeking information on products. Varieties of the brass, halogen desk lights are everywhere but qualities, prices, as well as design vary. We found a well-priced one in a classic design from Access Lighting in the offerings at Affordable Lamps.

Who doesn’t love Capezio and remember ballet class and the joy of your first Capezio slippers or leotard? That was Capezio then; welcome to Capezio now. If you are still dancing, or into Pilates, yoga, ballroom or tango, Capezio is the place to go. We tried Frontline © Cargo pants and Harmony Sweaters and found exceptional quality in garments that were as fashionable, well-fitting and flattering as they were to move in. But oh –their ballroom and tango shoes! Wow.
Finally – the dance company that knows shoes and feet and dancers better than anyone, is also making styles of ballroom, and tango shoes (and gorgeous enough for day and evening wear) that not only fit, flatter the leg and foot but you can actually dance and move in them and not limp home.
These journals definitely say ‘Robin Hood’, Renaissance fair, olden times. They are one of the few to offer lined paper (but pretty, lined paper), feature bound journals, self ties, thick, distressed leather and refills. Their smaller journal comes with a lovely fabric bag to keep the journal from wear. These are keepers and great for journal or travel writing and would appeal to men or women and any age. The leather is the first thing you notice about Renaissance products -it is soft but wears like a trooper - meaning you can tote this journal to and fro, from home to cafe, and it still looks gorgeous. It comes with refill paper or some of their journals can be used a covers around a more standard notebook, if you prefer. The workmanship is unrivaled, the design is perfect but they will 'tweak' your order or customize as you wish. I recently sent in a blank journal book I like to use and they created a custom cover (with neat inner pockets for storage), as well as a set of tarot cards for which they made a custom leather case. There is a unique energy that comes from both the concept and workmanship of Renaissance-Art Journals. Recently they also launched several leather tote bags and handbags. A Renaissance journal is an immediate heirloom as well as the perfect gift this mother’s day. If you don’t get one from someone – get one for yourself.

KitchenAid 2 Quart Kettle
Cook for the Cure Pink Handle Kettle

This gourmet, whistling kettle boils water for tea perfectly but also delivers $5.00 from you via KitchenAid to The Susan G. Komen Foundation. The handles stay cool, the 18/10 stainless finish is a snap to clean and shine, the heavy weight bottom ensures the kettle doesn’t buckle and most helpfully, there is a nice whistle to bring you to the kitchen (but the whistle stays on – and flexes up or closed in a perfect design).
Cuisinart Cordless Electric 1 3/4 Quart Kettle
This is the perfect size in a kettle that looks gourmet/old-fashioned, sleekly stainless but conveniently electric. It has an anti-spatter spout, an ergonomic handle that stays cool, and a very visible on/off, light. Add 1500 watts ensuring this kettle has water for tea ready in minutes and a 3 year warranty and this kettle touches all the right notes in aesthetics and function. The traditional styling is what you love about old fashioned, range top kettles and now, that look but with a quicker, energy efficient, electric approach is available. This is a great kettle to replace your old one or an ideal wedding or engagement (and Mother’s Day) gift.
Cuisinart Egg Cooker
Want eggs? You got them – boiler or poached in a fuss free, no guessing egg cooker. A mini space ship design, the Cuisinart Egg Cooker is for egg-fans who hate surprises like under or over-cooked eggs. This cooker ensures perfect eggs, as you like them, any time. Use Omega 3 healthy eggs from Burnbrae Farms with this neat kitchen goodie.

© This is a Marcy Goldman/ original recipe
This recipe is for sole, personal use of visitors of BetterBaking.Com Online Magazine. Marcy Goldman/ recipes are for your enjoyment but not to be posted or reprinted without express permission of the author/baker. Thank you kindly for respecting my copyright and happy baking. BetterBaking.Com, established 1997.
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