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This is a post Mother's Day tonic. Mother's Day 2009 has passed and with it, for some, a happy day, replete with family warmth and for others, all sorts of tales. Let's face it, Mother's Day , for a myriad of reasons, can be problematic. Some of us have lost our moms, or have difficult ones, or families forget (but otherwise, 364 days a year, do indeed, cherish us), or mother-in-laws we adore or those that seem not to adore us. Some want to be moms and aren't or have empty nests. Others, like me, have their birthdays a few days before Mother's Day causing family members to have to do double duty with gifts. Burnt toast in bed is the least of the drama of Mother's Day. It should be so simple and just about loving - which makes me think then, there should not be a special day for it. Frankly, I don't know why it is so but Mother's Day is either perfectly grand or some years, a special hell designed by Hallmark. In honor of my fellow mothers (is that a parodox? Fellow mothers?), but mostly, to my sisters, to the women in my life who are sister/friends, fellow bakers, sister-in-laws - whatever their role, ages, and station, I created this soothing tea. It's for all of us.  

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