Is there a better dish in the world? Well, maybe chicken and biscuits or Chicken Kiev or Buffalo Girl Chicken or Coq au Vin. Granted there are many amazing chicken dishes but this one is beyond sumptuous. Like Pasta Puttenesca, there are a few ways to make this famed Indian chicken dish. It differs depending on the chef and restaurant and certainly at home, it is another dish altogether. I have created my version as flavorful as possible with some shortcuts. Serve it with homemade (or make a pit stop at the local Indian restaurant) nan, and a huge crock of freshly made basmati rice.  This dish starts with tandoori chicken, best marinated a day ahead, grilled and then tossed into the famed Butter Chicken Sauce. But if you are in a hurry (or simply impatient) you can do this in one day. Just do a quick marinade, grill or bake the chicken in the oven and add into the Butter Chicken Sauce and simmer until you are ready to serve it.

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