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Buckwheat Tea or Soba Cha (much like the word Chai which also means tea) buckwheat tea is one of those things only a minority of people outside Japan, where it comes from, seem to know much about. If you know kasha, then you are also acquainted with buckwheat grouts.
Although buckwheat is often thought of as a cereal, and the word wheat is in its name, buckwheat is related to sorrel, knotweed and rhubarb.

 Roasted, buckwheat it has a wonderful, full-bodied flavor. It’s often served as a pulse like chickpeas or as a starch side dish such as quinoa or rice, although it is more protein packed than it is a starch. Many crepe recipes are call for buckwheat flour.  You can find buckwheat tea at specialty tea suppliers, or Japanese stores, online or those in your neighbourhood, as well as health food stores (whose buckwheat is more likely to be organic).

This is a soothing, mellow drink, caffeine free (unlike green tea) and offers no limit of healthy benefits from aiding in digestion, lowering blood pressure, managing diabetes, weigh gain or helping with weight loss and is overall, a calming brew.

Because buckwheat tea is earthy and nutty, I ‘soothe’ it down with either a slice of orange or tangerine or alternatively, this way, with mint and Greek honey. It’s sublime.

If you find raw buckwheat, pan roast it (toss it in a non-stick pan over low heat until it roasts and turns a medium brown), otherwise just follow my recipe. The best buckwheat tea I’ve discovered so far is from

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