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I read a ton of cookbooks on Vietnamese cuisine (The Pho Cookbook, Andrea Nguyen is a great one) as well as scoured recipes for Pho, the iconic comfort soup of the Vietnamese kitchen, online. I got the gist but frankly, the recipes ranged from deceptively simple (i.e. not authentic or too quick and easy and flavorless) or far too complicated, with meandering instructions. I spent a good hour reading and re-reading to figure out what many of the recipes were instructing! So I broke it down into the way I write recipes - with an overview. And the thing is, in the end, pho is amazing at home. I also think this is pretty authentic Pho and I think I’ve made it easy for you (and me). Pho is essentially a bit of a method issue and ingredient regime. Honour those things and you will have it made, i.e. great pho at home. I use one whole chicken for this recipe and make up the remainder (requisite 4 pounds of chicken) in chicken parts. If you have Pho restaurants in your city (here in Montreal, we have tons of great places) it might seem silly to make this soup at home. On the other hand who doesn’t a) like to DIY when it comes to trending foods and b) who doesn’t want pho on hand next time you get a cold. This is my go-to soup with whatever ails me. By the way my best advice to you is to go on an urban adventure and find the prettiest bowls to serve this in as well as freezer containers to freeze leftovers. The recipe makes a big batch and you will bless yourself (and me) on a chilly day when you find yourself cold and tired and don’t know what to eat. This will be perfect.I've even created your grocery list so you don't have to decipher a recipe online (except here) and you can start by collecting your ingredients a day before. This soup is awesome. 

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