A Note from Marcy May 2019

A Note from Marcy May 2019

A Note from Marcy May 2019

Welcome to the May 2019 issue of Betterbaking.com!

What’s better in the merry month of May than fresh, new baking, especially with Mother’s Day festivities around the corner? Here’s four lovely recipes, a quartet of sweet things that should please anyone. There’s a Free Blueberry Torte, a heirloom, recipe from my mother, as well as a perky Buttermilk Coffee Cake Muffin, a decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake and a snacky Raspberry Filled Oatmeal Cookies.

Lately, I’ve been busy with recipes and writing but also attending more yoga, trying West Coast Swing, and a Dance Your Bliss class. The latter two are new dance adventures for me but both seem like a good way to get into shape for spring. I also, believe it or not (patience is not my strong suit) took up knitting. I always did needlepoint (working on the same pillow for years now) but thought knitting was more mainstream. It is and apparently it’s also a cool hipster thing to do. I now know how to cast and do the basic knit stitch and I’ll figure how to purl eventually. Meanwhile it’s almost as much fun picking out colourful wools as it is picking new and interesting flours to bake with.

I’ve also published some new features on Medium which include:

On Dance

Review of the Ankarsrum Mixer


On a Great Marble Cake

In addition, here’s an interview I recently did for Judaica in the Spotlight Magazine.

Warm wishes and happy baking, and happy Mother’s Day!

Marcy Goldman
Master Baker, Author
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Recipes for May 2019

Free Recipe Blueberry Torte

Raspberry Fold Over Cookie

Buttermilk Coffee Cake Muffins

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake

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