A Note from Marcy November 2019

A Note from Marcy November 2019

A Note from Marcy November 2019

Welcome to the November Issue of Betterbaking.com.

Boo! It’s goodbye Halloween and hello Daylight Saving Time. Dark mornings, early sunsets and that damp chill in the air. No worries - it’s all warm and toasty in the BB kitchen and if you let me, I’ll keep you very busy baking. I’ve been quite squirrely of late, creating the finest and most imaginative, seasonal recipes. If it was me giving me a review, I’d say this is a definite 5-star issue. I hope you’re as generous. Seriously, there’s something for everyone this month which is saying a lot considering Thanksgiving is around the corner and all that sumptuous holiday baking begins around now. Culling things down to just four amazing recipes is a feat in itself.  We’ll get to that soon but I have a confession.

Speaking of squirrels….

Despite being casually fastidious about an uncluttered house, I’m somewhat of a hoarder. Conversely and oddly, I’m also somewhat of a purge-er and I figure if you combine both traits, I’m normal. How is this possible? Well, I start collecting things in an idle and innocent way. Let’s just say I become devoted to Body Shop butters. I liked the Vanilla Body Butter that I bought a Peach one on sale. Why not? One for the house and one to take to the pool. Besides which, Body Shop Body Butters are nice (I mean, just the name!), the store might run out or discontinue the product and it is after all on sale. Then there’s a new scent launch or it’s Black Friday and before you know it I now have 4-5 body butters and not enough body real estate to use them up in one lifetime. So I pare down, gift some body butters and return the rest. This Spartan mood lasts until the next impulse.  Now, I’m into grainy breads and the body butter routine is replicated in another currency: bags of amaranth flour, and organic, stone-ground whole-wheat now dominate the pantry. In short time, the kitchen resembles an old-time general store. I’ll never get it all baked or I can (and this is a really novel thought each time) I can bake sequentially and stock up on more flour as I need it and so some flour finds its way to a friend’s kitchen.

When I divest I also tend to also clear the decks anywhere in my house where I feel there’s a build-up of too much. Often I’m too efficient and weeks later when I look for something and can’t find it, I realize, ‘oh yes, I got rid of that in the last clean-up’. On occasion, I do regret parting with some things but I feel lighter. Where there was a surfeit, now there’s space just to be, to think, and create. Marie Kondo would be proud. https://www.amazon.com/Life-Changing-Magic-Tidying-Decluttering-Organizing/dp/1607747308/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2025TOJZEPYJO&keywords=marie+kondo&qid=1572524425&sprefix=marie+%2Caps%2C150&sr=8-1

Recently I finally realized this rhythm of clutch and release is as natural as bread or breath rising and falling and it’s really in that time between rise and fall that something interesting happens. In that respite, the craving goes away and/or the wait enables me to appreciate things more. I’ve traded the compulsion of wanting-ness for the inherent beauty in restraint. Discovering what’s enough (and in context of so many people needing things the planet over) is interesting especially in season of gratitude. I can gaze at the bounty of the harvest, breathe it in and out and not want to tote it all home. There’s more apples, more sunsets, more full moons, and more of everything, on the way. I am just as safe with ‘just enough’ as I thought I could only be with too much. As it turns out, enough is plenty.

So on that note, I return to the menu at hand. I have some newsy bits to share including a feature on Roly Poly (again) you can find here

Spotify for Cookbooks? I’m giving it a try. You can find more information her and some of my work as well as the works of authors we all love and out-of-print cookbooks now available online.

Here’s a neat podcast I did recently with Maggie Green of the Cookbook Love Podcast.

Bonus Recipe on Medium.com
This is my favorite fall recipe and it’s free if you follow this link:
Pumpkin Eruption Cheesecake https://medium.com/@marcygoldman/pumpkin-eruption-cheesecake-a-new-thanksgiving-tradition-72a2bffd2a1e – a bonus free recipe for you on Medium Medium is where I offer extra free recipes and interesting product profiles and stories to (hopefully) warm your heart.

Soft Fondant?

Also here’s a baker’s public service announcement. You know how I always talk about soft fondant? It’s the stuff I use to glaze cinnamon buns or drizzle on cakes or doughnuts. It’s soft versus roll-able fondant and you can find it here or search online but this is essential to my kitchen. https://cakerswarehouse.com.au/products/softfondantwhite1kg

Here’s my baker’s secret? If you whip up half soft fondant and half unsalted butter along with some vanilla you get a gorgeous buttercream.

Onto the recipes – it’s a little bit apples, a little bit pumpkin, and a little bit rustic breads. Don’t agonize. Make each and every recipe! Ok – don’t copy that. Choose one thing, bake it up, make tea and enjoy. There are four recipes (excluding the bonus one) so that’s one recipe a week. Pace yourself.

With gratitude for all of you who make Betterbaking.com something I still love to do,

Marcy Goldman

Free Recipe of the Month!
Black Bottom Pecan Pie
This has everything most of us love: shortbread, pecans, chocolate and that ooey gooey pecan pie filling that’s worth every calorie.

Chunky Cheese Bread https://www.betterbaking.com/recipe-items/sourdough-cheddar-cheese-bread-no-knead/.

Pumpkin Tollhouse Cookies https://www.betterbaking.com/recipe-items/pumpkin-pie-spice-tollhouse-cookies/
I love Pumpkin Spice and Tollhouse had me at chocolate chips. Marrying the two together is as natural as apples and pie. Fantastic cookies with a PSL twist.

Lasagna Bread https://www.betterbaking.com/recipe-items/lasagna-bread/
This is so good it’s almost silly. Why Lasagna Bread in the Thanksgiving Issue? Sometimes sweet is good but savory is better.

Apple Cider Bundt Cake https://www.betterbaking.com/recipe-items/apple-cider-harvest-cake/
This is more aptly Drunken Apple Cake, what with its golden crumb, perk of fresh apples and a deep-flavored apple cider glaze. No one has one serving of this cake!



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