A Note From Marcy, September 2019

A Note From Marcy, September 2019

A Note From Marcy, September 2019

Dear Bakers and Friends,

Last night I dreamt it was still August (it was) but this morning I woke up to a new country called Autumn. Everything about this new land is different. The mellow scent of warm peach pie has mysteriously evaporated and a seductive cinnamon mist has rolled in. That leisurely summer pace has suddenly segued to one with a racier pulse that brims with potential, bordering on culinary urgency.  Should I make a rainbow vegetable soup or batches of pie dough? Should I refresh my sourdough starter so it’s at the ready for the rye breads and October picnics? Should I get more Mason Jars, give up the jam and switch to pickles? Should I freeze the blueberries still-on-sale and make room for the apple harvest that will both tempt and vex me with the rosy varieties. And if only it was as simple as McIntosh and Honey Crisp! But no - there’s always new orchard beauties I’ll have to reckon with. And the cranberries! I missed my chance with the rhubarb this spring but the minute I see fresh cranberries, I’m all in. Find me Ziploc bags on sale.

Such is fall in the baker’s (and cook’s) kitchen: a time to renew and feel invigorated even as the warm days are winding down. September, prompted by Labor Day, is the launch pad for the stunning baking adventure that lies ahead and I hope you keep me company on the journey. It’s also Rosh Hashanah and for me that means a brand new year. It’s a holiday that is a curious brink time of letting things go and starting afresh. I’m always game for either. How about you?

BOGO time for BB Subscriptions!
Once again, I'm offering the BB BOGO which is:  buy a year of BB, and get two years for the one-year price. The offer is good until September 20th. Just sign up via the usual subscription and we’ll update your account ASAP to reflect the two years for one price.

6 Months Recipe Archive Access with Cookbook Purchases
For those of you purchasing any of my cookbooks, instead of the usual two free months of BB Recipe Archive Access I am including a bonus of a full 6-months of BB access!

I also encourage you to check out all my cookbooks but especially The Newish Jewish Cookbook and The 10th Anniversary Edition of A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking, both and Amazon and wherever fine books are sold. Both books have you covered for all the Jewish holiday baking seasons (and you don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy these cookbooks!).

In other news, here are some social media tidbits of mine:

A radio interview on my new cookbook with the CBC:

An online Hadassah Magazine interview:

My Washington Post Low-Sugar Cobblers and Crisps Feature

The recipes this month are balanced between seasonal offerings and the Rosh Hashanah up ahead.

September 2019 Betterbaking.com Recipes

Free Recipe of the Month – Best Deep Dish Apple Cake
This is the best apple cake I know (except for my mother’s High Apple Pie)

 Blackberry Ricotta Scones
The most crisp and tender scones you’ll ever have!

Moist and Majestic Honey Cake
One of my most legendary creations. If you know someone that hates honey cake (or is it you?) give them a slice of this cake. It is a life-altering honey cake – it’s that good. Use a mild honey for this one – no buckwheat or dark honey.
Crumb Topped Sweet New Year’s Challah
It has the sweetness, the raisins but it also has a marvellous crumb topping elevating this holiday challah to a new level!

Chai Latte Shortbread Cookies
When people use the term ‘mouth-watering’ it’s usually hyperbole. In this recipe, it’s the truth – these are extraordinary shortbread cookies with the perfect amount of spice for a balmy early fall coffee klatch.

Happy baking and cooking, spread your creativity and loving energy into the ethers and change the world, one tablespoon of honey at a time! Oh yes, and happy New Year!

Warm wishes from my kitchen to yours,

Marcy Goldman
Author, Master Baker
Est. 199






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