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Bars - Squares - Filled

Tollhouse Crumble Cheesecake Cookie Bars

14.00 The best of my two favorite worlds: chocolate chip cookies and New York...

Triple Chocolate Molten Caramel Cheesecake Stuffed Brownies

These are luxurious, memorable, easy and almost more decadent than cheesecake itself. If you had them on hand, chopped up Turtle bars would tilt...

Triple Decadence Brownies

Once upon a time, all brownies had icing on them and sometimes brownies were as much icing as brownie. This is that sort of...

Twinkie Cake

This makes a huge cake that is cut in squares and each dipped in fondant. It is reminiscent old-fashioned fondant squares, you may have...

Vanilla Chocolate Almond Strudel

Flaky pastry wrapped around barely-melted chocolate and toasted almonds, all braced with a sweet lashing of pure vanilla extract.

Wedding For Bella Biscotti

Check on the online reviews for the sleeper film, Wedding for Bella. It stars Scott Baio (yes - and he is super in it) and...


There are Wonka Bars and there are Mars Bars and Twix Bars and now, there are Benka Bars. Named by my son Gideon, in...

Yin Yang Cream Cheese Stuffed Brownies

A yin and yang treat of the highest order. Imagine a moist, fudgie brownie that is rivered through with New York style cheesecake filling?...