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The BB Recipe Archives is a treasury as well as a comprehensive resource of sumptuous baking and cooking recipes that I've developed for my visitors. It's home to over 2500 of my original creations most of which are not found in my cookbooks. New and exciting recipes are being added all the time. Can't find what you're looking for or need baking help? Just contact

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Bread - Buns - Bagels

Vienna or Kaiser Rolls

Vienna rolls, also called Kaiser rolls, are five-part, round rolls with thin, hard surfaces and light interiors.

Walnut Bread

Moist and studded with California walnuts. The slightly mauve-colored crumb is intriguing.This is nice with smoked ham or sliced thin and topped with cinnamon...

Wheat and Honey Buttermilk English Muffins with Cranberries

My personal favorite recipe. This recipe makes for impressive, crusty, corn meal-coated English muffins. Moist and full of holes, rough textured and hearty. A...

White Corn Bread

Sundried tomatoes and white cheddar dress this up.

White or Regular Whole Wheat Honey Challah

This is fabulous challah, perfect for Friday Night, or Rosh Hashanah or anytime you want a great whole-wheat bread that is moist, and slightly...

White Whole-wheat and Honey Walnut Buns

Sweet, wholesome, flavorful. Invite Pooh Bear for...

Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns

Marry these up with or your own favorite BBQ burger.  A bread machine makes short work of this dough. Malt powder or syrup...

Whole Wheat Honey Walnut Buns

Nutty, wheaty, delicious.

Whole Wheat Sandwich Rolls

These are soft but the whole wheat flour makes them nicely nutritious and gently nutty in flavor.