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Breakfast - Brunch

The Best Cheese Scones

Two English inventions (scones and nippy dry mustard such as Coleman's) come together quite  nicely. Don't spare the cheese - measure a bit more...

Tollhouse Chocolate Chunk Scones

Rich, tender, flaky. Golden, brown sugar scones, chunked up a notch.
Chunks of Swiss chocolate in a vanilla and cream scone batter.

Tuna and Brie Sandwich

An updated Tuna Melt - adding the Brie adds pedigree.

Twisted Roasted Garlic and Vidalia Onion Bagel Bread

Bagel dough fashioned into a twisted loaf, stuffed with golden Vidalia onions and roasted garlic.  This is an ‘everything’ bread, like an everything bagel....

Upside Down Peach Cake

Nothing beats fresh-in-season peaches for this spin on pineapple upside down cake. It features brown-sugar infused peaches as the foundation of a dewy, buttery...

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Caramellato Tea

This glorious tea is a replication of a special tea I had somewhere, once, with someone, on a sweet first date that featured this marvellous...

Walnut Sour Cherry Scones

Rustic and comforting sweetness in a scone.

Walter Mitty Clementine Cake


A Ben Stiller film about Walter Mitty, that timid Thurber character featured a...

Whole Wheat Lemon Roll-ups

Pancakes for a nice brunch offering.