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Cookies - Biscotti

Bakery Style Poppy Seed Cookies


When you think of  a great, crisp poppy seed cookie, with a...

Banana Bread Biscotti

Chunks of banana, scattersings of granola or mueslix cereal, a few toffee chips are all laced together in this brown sugar, honey, and nutty biscotti. The...

Bavarian Sugar Cookies

14.00 800x600

Sometimes, when we lose ourselves in fear and despair, in routine and constancy,...

Beer and Cheddar Biscotti

Gar, is this good! Nippy cheddar, a packet of dry cheddar powder from a pantry box of Mac ‘N Cheese, beer, Dijon and a...

Best Ever Roll-Out Sugar Cookie Dough

Easy to handle, and adaptable to all sorts of handling and additions (miniature chocolate chips, different extracts, finely ground nuts, spices, etc.) this is... Famous Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies

Size does matter. Trust us. Huge mounds of cookie dough makes for chewy, crisp, great cookies. One batch should make you a legend. (if...

BetterBaking.Com Favorite Holiday Spritz Cookies

These are tender and easy to,  the consummate holiday cookie. They’re fine plain or iced, or you can consider these addition such as candied...

Biscoff or Speculoos Cookies

Of Dutch origin, these gently caramel and spice cookies are a cross between shortbread and butter cookies. They feature the flavor of Speculoos or...

Black Cherry Biscotti

These are dense biscotti that feature big dark cherries (but sour cherries are nice too) and a bit of a mysterious spice called mahlep,...