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Dips - Dressings

Mango Chutney

Nippy, sweet, hot, tart ….this is oh-so-wicked good.
Serve with biscuits, chicken dishes, and naan and tandoori and curry specialties or spread on croissants....

Mecca Bowl

Here in Montreal, Aux Vivres is a beloved vegetarian restaurant. They’re famous for their Dragon Bowl, which is bowl food at its best. I...

Nacho Layered Dip

You dump and layer ingredients. You scoop 'em. You eat 'em. What could be simpler or more manly? To make this girl food, or...

Oven Roasted Cranberries with Old-Fashioned Oatmeal

You can use any oatmeal recipe you like or mine to match up with this easy, oven-method of slow-roasting cranberries. A touch of...

Plum Raspberry Jam

I am almost a good preserver/jammer as I am a baker. Ok – I am outstanding. Most people who preserve get good at it...

Potted Beer and Cheddar

A nice cracker spread or vegetable dip.

Restaurant Style Caesar Salad With Oven Roasted Sour...

No raw eggs nor anchovies in this spectacular Caesar salad. This is the definitive Caesar salad these days: creamy, easy, packed with garlic and...

Seasoning From An Old Bay

(Part of a series on "commercial foods")The original is terrific, but in a pinch, this will work well.

Sesame & Soy Vinaigrette

This vinaigrette is similar to the one used in Japanese steak restaurants.

Smoked Salmon and Black Olive Spread

Two synergistic flavors - lox and olives in one handy spread. Serve on black bread, or bagel sandwiches with sliced tomato and Bermuda onion.