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Pizza - Sauces

Bottle-it-and-sell-it Favorite Pizza Sauce

You can always use canned sauce but this homemade version is spicy and fragrant. Make a huge batch - it freezes for 3-4 months....

Chicago Deep Dish Stuffed Pizza

No two Chicagoans will tell you exactly the same thing about deep-dish pizza, but these are the basics – three layers of dough, spicy...

Classic Pizza

Formula for a straight-up pie (dough and sauce required)

Deluxe Marinara Pasta Toss Sauce

Three dimensions of tomatoes tease your palate: fresh, plum tomatoes, ground up sun-dried tomatoes, and a cup of jarred spaghetti sauce.  Mamma mia !

Detroit Pizza

There’s all sorts of pizzas but Detroit style pizza is a cut above. It’s Sicilian style pizza and features a unique dough and topping...

Fettucine Alfredo

If you make this once, you will never, ever by a mix (you know, those dry packets?) again. This makes a silky, lightly cheese...

Garden Pretty Focaccia

 So pretty, so easy – like a garden patch landed in your kitchen and got bakedinto the dough. Fresh herbs, tomatoes, olives and a...

Garlic,Fresh Herbs and Tomato Focaccio

This recipe makes 3-4 rounds of crisp pizza-like flatbread. You can freeze them, or split them for bistro style panini sandwiches or serve them...

IL FORNO Pizza Dough with Molini Pizzuti 00...

This is yet another totally appealing dough – as flavorful on its own as it is finished off as a pizza with whatever toppings...

Julia Child’s Tomato and Caper Pizza

Inspired by "Your Own Homemade Pizza" by Julia Child. I knew Julia Child as a fan and reader and then later on, as a...