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Poultry - Fish

Sticky, Gooey Sesame Srircha Wings

You may already have a soya wing recipe but this one breaks the mold. These can be  marinated  several hours ahead but even if...

Sundried Tomato Stuffed Chicken Tortellini

  800x600 Serve these tender, zesty morsels with Arabica sauce, Alfredo, Marinara, or simply lemon juice, olive oil and...

Sweet and Sour Pickled Salmon

A great supper, special brunch, luncheon dish. Keeps well and is full of bite.

Sweet Style Gefilte Fish

Be brave. You CAN make great, fresh, traditional gefilte fish. If all you know is hamburgers, that is all the skill you need. This...

Tail Gate Buffalo Wings

No time? Fear of frying? Ah ha - these wings will set you free on both counts. I love Buffalo Wings but hate the...

Tex Mex Wings

Heat this one up to your liking.

Thai Chicken Curry

14.00 800x600 Thai cuisine is generally, even when not terrific, still a lovely meal to...

The Best Brined & Roast Thanksgiving Turkey

The secret to great turkey starts here: soak your bird in a light brine the night before or at least a couple of hours...

Turkey Cutlet Pizzaiola with Capers

This dish is traditionally made with veal, but low-fat turkey cutlets work very well.

Turkey Garden Burgers

These are great with and Cranberry Onion Salsa or Mango Chutney or whatever you like.