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Quick Breads

Sweet Pumpkin Spice and Cranberry Bread

A unique way to present homey, sweet , spicy quick bread. You can also use this batter to make a few dozen muffins which...

Swiss Chocolate Strawberry Scone Cake

14.00 800x600 Shortcake by any other name, in any guise. This is so good; no...

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Sour Cream Pound Cake

You know those delightful chocolate oranges by Terry's? A whole chocolate orange splits into milk chocolate, orange-scented wedges that are just wonderul (and a...

Thanksgiving Special Sour Cream Cornbread

Gilding the lily – sure, but why not? A little sweet milk for flavor, some sour cream for additional dairy fat (it’s not a...

The Best Cheese Scones

Two English inventions (scones and nippy dry mustard such as Coleman's) come together quite  nicely. Don't spare the cheese - measure a bit more...

Top ‘O the Morning Sweet Soda Bread

You might call this a coffeecake with all the wonderful elements and flavors of soda bread. Moist, fine-grained and a good keeper. It is...

Twisted Banana Bread

This is a staple that is respun. If you want your banana loaf plain and simple, omit that riveting ripple of coffee nut streusel...

Walnut Sour Cherry Scones

Rustic and comforting sweetness in a scone.

Yeasted Blueberry Scones

These yeasted scones are an adaptation of a recipe given to me by George Fenn. According to George, the bakery was started by the...

Yeasted Cheddar Cheese Scones

These are not quite scones, not quite rolls but quick and easy deeply cheddared buns. They are best fresh but incredible toasted.